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Posting Jobs It’s no longer possible to post jobs on the IxDA Discussion List. Please use the Job Board instead.

Job Seeking Please do not use the Discussion List to let the community know that you are a candidate seeking a job. This is true for individuals as well as for recruiters or agents acting on behalf of others. Of course, you are encouraged to reply privately to any job postings.

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Moderation IxDA Discussion is not a formally moderated forum and mailing list. However, our administrators monitor the discussion for respectful usage. Only new user accounts are moderated actively. Once we believe a member is not trying to misuse the list, we no longer check the content of members' posts prior to sending them out. Therefore, we rely on each and every one of you to use the Discussion forum and mailing list responsibly. While IxDA Discussion has only a few rules, we vigorously enforce them. When a subscriber violates our guidelines, our list administrators issue a warning. Our administrators also will investigate any content that is “Flagged” by the community. If the abuse continues, our list administrators remove the subscriber from the organization.

Plurality of Voices This Discussion exists so members of the interaction design community can easily communicate with one another. Excessive posting by any one subscriber tends to inhibit others' participation in the discussion, and it becomes difficult to maintain a plurality of voices. If an individual subscriber consistently makes excessive postings to this list (more than 10 messages a day or 50 messages a week) the list administrator will warn that subscriber. If this pattern of behavior continues, the list administrator will remove that subscriber from the list.

Staying on Topic IxDA sponsors this Discussion to provide a forum for the discussion of interaction design issues, best practices, and methods among practitioners, teachers, and students of interaction design and others who are interested in interaction design. All discussions on this list must relate to interaction design. While discussions may encompass subjects such as user-centered design, information architecture, or visual design as they relate to interaction design, please keep the primary focus of your topics of discussion on interaction design. For example, a discussion of color theory would be out of place here, but one about highlight colors for required fields would be perfectly appropriate.

Advertisements for Products or Services Because it is important for interaction designers to keep abreast of new products and services that might be useful in their work, a vendor can advertise such a product or service once on this website. Please refrain from placing any sort of advertisement in your signature. Our administrators permanently remove anyone who repeatedly violates this guideline.